Tin Cup Whiskey


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A nice caramel moves out first and is soon accompanied by some light nondescript spice, rye, a light touch of wood, green apples and a touch of dill. There is a sprinkling of cinnamon and a dusty sweetness that reminds me of Sweet Tarts and Pixie Stix.

Initially it has a sweet graininess to it that gives way to cherries, rye, citrus and a bit of dill. That same nondescript spice from the nose moves effortlessly across the palate but instead of a sweetness, it’s accompanied by a soft minerality that rolls through at the end.

Caramel, rye, chalky minerality and a touch of wood ease out on a medium finish.

It’s kind of a light whiskey al around and nothing stands out so in that regard it’s balanced. It has a thin light body and a bit of heat going down, but no more than an 84 proof whiskey should have.


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